4 Quick Notes:

Cafe Berlin: Huevos rancheros, good Lakota coffee and a great book; I fully plan to winnow away my retirement doing breakfast like this every day.

Zesto Drive In-Central: A throwback drive-in in Jeff City rescued by two St. Louis cop-transplants. Had good tamales, but why cover them with nacho cheese, chili, lettuce, etc? Great on their own.

Lee Street Deli: Not many true deli options, but the hot Italian sandwich is a winner. Had Juicyburgers too, but taking other recommendations.

Addison’s: The Super Deluxe Happy Fun Time Burger is a monstrosity. A tasty, tasty monstrosity.

Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

6 thoughts

  1. Lee Street, oh Lee Street, let me count the ways that your juicyburgers nursed me through my college years. You reminded me that I need to get over there some day when I’m feeling nostalgic.

    Re: Cafe Berlin. I haven’t tried the huevos rancheros, but my favorites are the starving artist and the apples and sausage. I love how they mix comfort food with hippie food.

  2. Why cover the Zesto tamales with chili? Cuz that’s how you eat Zesto tamales, Scott! Jeez!

    I, however, add jalapenos and skip the cheese. And eat it outside, if possible.

  3. I am just dropping by to say hi, because for some odd reason I haven’t commented in awhile…I have no good reason! I mean, I read, but haven’t typed anything and I wanted you to know I was still lurking lol

    I want to retire to Cafe Berlin! Do you think it will still be the same when it moves into 1/2 a gas station?

    Although what I have always wanted is my own coffee mug at Ernie’s… mmmm, now I want a #11…

  4. Pam, glad to see you’re okay…we we’re wondering. 😉

    K, no chance I was eating Zesto outside Tuesday. Rainy and cold, but I can acknowledge the appeal in warmer climes. I thought the tamales better in the nude, but who am I to question tradition (cue Topol).

  5. rw, having heard of this apples and sausage bidness before I had to give them a shot. This morning for breakfast, leftovers for lunch. Very, very tasty and totally different. I love it.

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