About Scott

Scott Rowson is a food writer and communications consultant. He thinks growing up as a Navy brat has driven his travel and culinary wanderlust, but who knows? He is into food, politics, documentary film and soccer – though not necessarily in that order. He owns three goats and lives in Columbia, Missouri with his wife, two kids and a very needy dachshund named Cece.


11 thoughts

  1. simply prepared local veggies?

    try cafe berlin…. YUMMY!

    oh, and your kids can play there too!!!

  2. keep your eyes out for houses for sale in your ‘hood…Columbia may be just what we are looking for! LOL. Great blog…hope you don’t mind that I linked here from mine. Cheers!

  3. Do you ever eat at Q’s? Our family eats there often and I was so disappointed that last night (on a Friday night), it was very empty.

    What is your take on their food?

  4. You are a hack ! Untrained and would not know a sauce from gravey . Foul mouth person that has such apoor vocabulary that you must use curse words. I feel sorry for your children

  5. Dear Anonymous, I tried to open the Churchill’s review without the curse word -it just didn’t work as well for me. We do agree on one thing though…we both feel sorry for my kids.

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    “Gravey” doesn’t have an “e.” Is “apoor” a word? I’m not familiar with it and neither is Webster’s. Also, try sacking-up and using your name if you’re going to attack someone. People who hide behind anonymity and attack others I simply deplore. (See that? Deplore: it’s a real word, and a homophone for “apoor” which isn’t a real word).

  7. Hi! What is the best way to contact you? I am one of the marketing consultants at a new business opening soon in Columbia, and I would like to submit information regarding its opening. Thank you!

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