Wha? The blog looks funny.


It’s hard to believe but this blog has been around since early 2008. Since that time Show Me Eats has hosted 1,063 posts, 2,838 comments and hopefully made something of a positive impact on the food scene in Columbia. But man, that old, tired (free!) WordPress theme had been up there for years. It looked pretty dated and static. So, in a Logboat-fueled burst of enthusiasm the other day I scrapped it and brought in new look and – perhaps more importantly – a new format.

This format – Go / Cook / Grow – will better reflect and organize my disparate interests in food. Here’s what it’s all about.

First, Go. The Go section will focus on reviews. Restaurants, products I recommend (or don’t), grocery stores, etc. That’s been where the most interest and interaction has been over the years. People want to know if the new restaurant is any good or an old stand-by has begun to phone it in. So that’s Go.

In Cook, on the other hand, we’ll focus on what we’re cooking at home – or wish we were. This is the section for recipes, drool-inducing food porn shots and recommendations on how to get the good stuff. For some reason people are still clicking – a lot, every week – on this recipe for chive soup six years later. That goes in Cook.

Finally, Grow. Here we’ll be covering the exciting things going on in the garden (okay, maybe not that exciting) and what’s become a part time job of ours over the past three years: the rehabilitation of 20 acres of neglected pasture out by Columbia Regional Airport into a resilient, food-producing oasis in a sea of soybeans and corn. I haven’t written much about it here but it’s stunning how fast the transformation has progressed. Look for perennial-focused plant experiments, wannabe-farmer fails and – wipes brow – more than 300′ of annual garden beds (pictured above).

All of these disparate topics interest me; some but likely not all will interest you. So, one more time:

  • If you’re here for the restaurant reviews, click on Go at the top.
  • If you’re wondering what to do with that Swiss chard, check out Cook.
  • And finally, if kickass salad lettuce, perennial fruits and the trials and tribulations of someone reclaiming neglected, unproductive land are more your bag, then Grow is the place to be.

Naturally, some posts – like this one – won’t fit into one of those categories. Those will just show up as a normal blog post, organized chronologically below the features slider. Thoughts, tips and snide comments welcomed, as always, at showmeeats@gmail.com or in the comments below.

Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

2 thoughts

  1. Scott, it looks great! I love the divisions and thank you for blogging for such a long time, even with sometimes extended breaks. It’s very tough to keep going.

    It’s not specifically CoMo related so I don’t know if it would be an appropriate subject for this blog, but I’ve been doing a lot of the shipped ingredients meals lately; Plated, Blue Apron, Green Chef. That’s a rapidly increasing part of the food world these days. Green Chef in particular has introduced, or re-introduced, a lot of foods to me that I would not have been brave enough to try; chard, mustard greens, etc. By using the pre-packaged meals I’ve also gotten more confident about cooking those types of vegetables on my own.

  2. Thanks Robin. I played around with Plated and with PeachDish (a Southern-focused meal service) for a couple of weeks last fall. They were by and large pretty good and a couple of dishes were very good. It was an awful lot of packaging and waste, however. And now I have enough freezer packs for the rest of my life. In short, it wasn’t a long-lived experiment for us but I can see it having far more relevance for one- or two-person households. Have you generally dug what you’ve gotten from them?

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