Friday links


The must-watch for this week is a two-parter. First, take a couple of minutes to watch the highlights of Sporting Kansas City’s thrilling comeback win in the Major League Soccer playoffs Wednesday night. I was there with a few friends and it was, simply, the most thrilling soccer match I’ve ever been to in person. Amazing shots and saves, end-to-end action, villainous refereeing and overtime drama. The stadium was electric from the opening whistle until the very end. I promise, you don’t need to be a soccer fan to enjoy the highlights (which really could’ve been 30 minutes long). The second part: Sporting KC plays again Saturday afternoon at 1:30pm on NBC. Yes, the Mizzou football game will still be on but hey, that’s why DVR was invented.

That note isn’t food related unless you count the Z-Man sandwiches we picked up at Oklahoma Joe’s on the way into town for the game. Z-Mans are the greatest sandwiches in the world.

A few other links and notes:

  • Apparently we’ve been eating apples all wrong.
  • Marcia had a really nice piece on Fretboard Coffee in the Tribune the other day. I’ve been in twice and love the little space, the service and, naturally, the coffee. Just know that it’s little. Little as in seating for about seven people total. If you can grab a seat no one’s going to rush you out; just know that you may be getting your coffee to-go.
  • Those looking to land top-notch turkeys for Thanksgiving should look no further than Country Neighbors farm (up by Fayette). You can order them through The Root Cellar or, if you need a good reason to get up to the excellent, trip-worthy food at Emmet’s, visit them in person. Your call.
  • If you’re interested in hitting the easy button this Thanksgiving, you have some local options (they won’t even mind if you claim it as your own), namely the Columbia Area Career Center (orders due Nov. 12) and The Wine Cellar and Bistro (due the Tuesday before Thanksgiving).
  • Reminder: The Mid-MO Home Brew Fest is coming up next Saturday, November 16. It is going to be a family friendly event. Yeah, you know I’ll be there.

Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

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  1. I have been eating the whole apple since I was a kid. I also peel bananas from the opposite end of the stem. Much more simple than fighting and bruising the stem end. Just pinch the pointed tip and it splits on the three natural seams.

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