I-70 eats: the master list

As I suspected, readers of the Tribune and listeners of KFRU knew about far more good places to eat along I-70 than I did. So, hooray…thanks for doing my “job” for me. Anyway, here’s what we’ve come up with. Not quite as hopeless as I’d thought.

To the West

Snoddy’s Store – Boonville/New Franklin

I believe the KFRU caller that recommended Snoddy’s suggested a liverwurst or head cheese sandwich with pepperjack, though now the entire exchange seems more like an acid flashback or something. Is this even a real place?

Cree-Mee Freeze – Concordia

Giant tenderloin sandwiches, soft-serve ice cream, old timey setting.

Bates City Café (exit 31 – Bates City)

Housed in an old gas station, right off the highway. Diner food, good steaks, think 63 Diner.

87 Diner (exit 106 – Boonville)

Chicken fried steak. Crunchy, tender and covered with truly world-class sausage gravy. The “87 Diner Mess” is a split biscuit topped with hash browns, two eggs and a heart-testing amount of that gravy. The rib-eye breakfast would be worth the drive, as well.

Highway 13 exit north to Higginsville, Mo (5 mins off of I-70)

  1. Red Shanty BBQ and Ribs n’ More downtown Higginsville.
  2. Further north to Lexington is an old school Maid Rite from the 1930’s  and Riley’s Pub in downtown Lextington. Great  food and homemade fruit based ice creams.

South of  I-70 on 13 @ Warrensburg is Perry Foster’s BBQ  (5 mins down Hwy 13 – exit 49) never has closed a day since opening in 1974. The Wall Street Journal just sent their food editor there and obtained his secret to the beans. (smoked ham bones thrown in). Really rough-looking spot and iffy service – food reputedly very good.

To the East

Two Dudes BBQ – Warrenton. Take the Jonesburg exit off I-70. “Fried everything counter, homemade breading, chicken gizzards.”

Williamsburg exit (exit 161) Crane’s General Store. Been selling everything from farm equipment to clothes since 1920s. Fresh sliced meats on dollar sandwiches.

Big Boy’s (north service road, exit 199) in Wright City re-opened in October. Fried chicken. Devoted local following.


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

7 thoughts

  1. Snoddy’s store is real. If you hear banjo music, you have found the right place. Wear a gas mask because the cigarette smoke will make you pass out. I can’t stay we stayed long enough to try the food…

  2. The Flying J on W I-70 used to “paint” melted “butter” on their by-the-slice pizza as the slices basked under the heat lamp, waiting for the next starting motorist. Not good in any way.

  3. Concerning the smoke free restaurants in Columbia, petitions have hit the street in an attempt to get the issue back on the ballot in November. Seems like we just got this matter settled and here we go again.

  4. Snoddy’s is — how to put it — a very local kind of place. Visitors will stick out. It is a convenience store, but large, and seems like it should be a gas station, but isn’t. Never tried the food….

    Looking for a can of tuna from 1978? Snoddy’s is the place to begin.

  5. @anonymous There’s been petitioners out on the Columbia streets for weeks looking for signatures to raise the state tax on tobacco…are you referring to another group that wants to re-introduce smoking sections at Columbia restaurants? Blech.

  6. Jason, that is exactly what I’m saying. There is a group in town (and I can’t remember the group name) but they feel like the smoking ban needs to be brought to the voters again. Blech is right.

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