Lutz’ BBQ coming to Columbia, and other restaurant news

Lutz’ BBQ* of Jefferson City is coming to Columbia. A second outpost of the well-regarded ‘cue joint will open in the newly-vacated Blue Moon space on Nifong. They’re aiming for a June opening and would, likely from day one, become the best barbeque in town. Now if we could just lure Lonnie Ray’s down here…

* Note, it’s pronounced  “LOOT-ziz.”

This morning on KFRU we discussed this and other restaurant news in Columbia. Here are the basics:


bleu at the Tavern
Training staff on wine and menu. Renovations (which appear to be blending the seemingly incongruous styles quite well) are speeding along apace. Staggered opening beginning early April; full opening mid-April. Check out their Facebook page for updates and pics.

The Oak Room
Menu will be upscale; steaks, seafood, pasta and RAW BAR! Hoping to open May 1. A sharp-eyed friend on Twitter noticed a couple of similarities to another establishment.

Red and Moe Trattoria II?
Very early stages at this point, but Red and Moe chef Trey Quinlan is looking to open a full-service, seasonal Italian restaurant in the same space on North 9th Street. They’re shooting for something along the lines of a reincarnation of Trattoria Strada Nova (including that nice bar in the back). Trey is aiming for a fall 2012 opening. Eric Reuter, who provided Red and Moe with much of the produce, has the goods in greater detail.

The long-closed Japanese/sushi joint is nearing a reopening date. They’ve redone the roof and interior, but the menu may not change much.

Broadway Brewery
Chef-co-owner Bryan Maness is quietly turning Broadway Brewery into one of Columbia’s best places to eat. It’s getting bigger too, expanding into the old Root Cellar space next door. They’ll have more seating, a less-cramped kitchen and an area for live music (but will be closed from this Sunday after brunch until the following Friday).

South of Town

Blue Moon
Has relocated about 500 feet west on Nifong.

Southside Pizza
Is situated in its new digs at the old Buffalo Wild Wings location.

Shakespeare’s Pizza
Is currently installing floors for their third shop at the former Southside Pizza location.

Penn Station
Newly-opened in the Gerbes parking lot on Nifong, this chain boasts nice fries and solid, hot sandwiches. The Italian and reuben were both excellent on a recent lunch visit. People seem to really dig the Philly cheese as well.


Cheddar’s Casual Cafe
The vacated Chevy’s building (as well as an adjacent car wash) will be razed to make way for Texas-based, classied-up (?) Applebee’s chain Cheddar’s Casual Cafe.

Oasis Cafe
Apparently open in the Broadway Shops (near Broadway and 63). I know nothing about it. Reportedly related to Olive Cafe. Update: Yes, related. And “Ayman Harb” is a truly fantastic name.

Churchill’s Italiano
Eh, I think that one’s been covered.


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

7 thoughts

  1. Oasis Cafe went into the old Roly Poly space. I am totally addicted to the place. Haven’t yet had anything that I didn’t love. I’ve had the gyro plate, chicken schwarma with hummus, chicken plate, one of their homemade cheese rolls. They also have spinach and meat wraps I haven’t tried. Haven’t tried the falafel yet either.

    Huge portions (plenty for two meals), crisp, not overly greasy gyro meat, and wonderful grilled peppers and onions on top. Oh and the lentil soup is quite good as well.

  2. Am I out of touch with prices? I looked at the Lutz BBQ menu and under sides, they offer a baked potato for $5.21. Is this a typical price if you want to add on a baked potato? It seems a bit on the high side but perhaps I’m just old.

  3. Not sure about the baked potato. Maybe it comes with a bunch of stuff on it. Regardless, if you go, order the homemade chips instead.

  4. Hey – What’s the new Chinese place that’s going to open up next to the Wal-Mart on West Broadway? The space used to be El Maguey’s before it went to the south side of town. Now there’s a new sign up that says “Bamboo Terrace Chinese Restaurant.”

    Any news on this?

  5. Finally got to Oasis. It is fantastic! Decided on the falafel because he had “just finished making it”. Herbaceous, delicious, perfectly fried and a generous portion. The platter offered two very different dipping sauces – each deserving their own headline.

    Shared some of my friend’s gyro and the meat was utterly gorgeous – not at all greasy, very very tasty and it tasted like meat! Excellent accompaniments – all fresh and lively tasting.

    Quickly becoming a go-to place.

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