Because THAT makes sense…

Ladies and gentlemen, the strangest sentence you’ll read all week:

Bleu, a restaurant and wine bar at the corner of Eighth and Cherry streets, will move two blocks north to Eighth and Walnut streets to join Boone Tavern in a capacity yet to be determined.

Nobody seems to know what is going on here, why it’s going on, etc. Pairing Bleu and Boone Tavern? (What, was Jack’s not available?) Read the Missourian story. Beyond bizarre. The (earlier) Tribune story is worth a look as well, but doesn’t add much clarity. Odd pairings aside, it’s weird that the announcements are coming via Twitter – and Carrie Gartner – and nobody from Bleu is going on the record. The people involved need to get the story straight. Odd, odd, odd.

Update: For what it’s worth, I’ve heard that The Oak Room, which is going into the Bleu space, will feature Dennis Clay (formerly of Les Bourgeois) and a “Euro-centered” menu. The Oak Room will also offer catering and be the room service provider for the Tiger Hotel.

Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

10 thoughts

  1. I was talking to several of the Bleu servers/bartenders Friday night, and they were saying that Boone Tavern was closing. No sharing of space was mentioned. They were all talking about how much work was going to have to go into the space to make it more “Bleu-like.”

  2. @Emily, the Missourian is saying this morning that they are going to share space.

    @Scott, I am so scratching my head over this one…

  3. A couple of things don’t make sense. The place that isn’t used at the Tavern very much is the downstairs. So is that where Bleu is going?

    Then, someone mentioned “all that patio space” but that is a huge draw for the Tavern, and if one is working downstairs at their restaurant, then it’s going to be a lot of work for the servers to attend to the patio area.

    Finally, the article I read over the weekend said “both” Tavern and Bleu workers will be cross trained. Wow. Talk about a strange marriage!

    Yeah, Scott, I agree – transparency isn’t here yet.

  4. None of this makes sense. One thought I had was that Boone Tavern would keep the bar area as Boone Tavern but maybe the restaurant aspect would go to Bleu, but then what happens to the wine bar at Bleu? I also wondered if Bleu would take the basement area where the banquet rooms are. But both of those plans would cut Bleu out of the patio action, wouldn’t they?

    And Bleu hasn’t been at their location for very long and they put a huge amount of work into renovating it. Could they have seen a return on that investment yet? I suppose if the hotel is making them move they don’t have a choice?

    So much weirdness.

  5. the 2 liquor salesmen I talked to yesterday said Boone is closing and Bleu is moving in. They also said, that the Tiger Hotel’s new owner did not renew Bleu’s lease, not that Bleu wanted to leave. He is putting his own restaurant in the space. Travis and Tina need to speak to the press soon and stop letting the Boone Tavern manager be the voice on record.

  6. My guess is that Travis was trying to do the right thing and stay quiet until the details were finalized. But the time for quiet has now passed…agree 100% Pam.

  7. Strange phenomenon, an article that is both somewhat informative yet incredibly vague at the same time. Assuming that the Tavern is closing (it’s probably time) and Bleu takes over completely, they’ve now tripled or quadrupled their capacity. The logistics of handling that alone are astounding, but now they’re redefining themselves. They’re huge now, no longer the trendy 100-seat restaurant, but a Megatron 400. Actually that’s what I’m going to call them: Megatron 400.

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