Weekly Wrap

The must-read for the week, having nothing whatsoever to do with food, goes to Andrew Sullivan and his piece on the Obama Administration.

In other news:

Paula Deen continued to be controversial, while other chefs wrote about Southern food that doesn’t suck. The Root Cellar has fresh Country Neighbors chickens for sale (we’re on day four of meals off of two chickens…post next week). CoMo Whine and Dine will only order steak at one restaurant. Gerard Craft wonders if pasta is too low-end for fine-dining. One guy has a good idea for ending the during-dinner phone addiction. Mrs. SMEs came upon some food-related artwork on a work trip recently, and liked. Aldon Smith: former Tiger, standout NFL rookie, cook.

Finally, your deep thought for the weekend: dark matter rules the universe:

Everything we know and love–electrons, protons, neutrons, light, black holes, planets, stars, everything we know and understand–occupies four percent of the universe. Dark matter and dark energy is everything else.


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

9 thoughts

  1. Scott, to be fair, I would order steak at CC City Broiler. But I never go there because it’s way, way too spendy for me. In general, I will only order steak from one chain restaurant, that’s Outback. And I’ve also had very bad experiences at G&D and Georges. (shudder). Restaurants which cannot cook a Medium steak in Columbia include Lone Star, Longhorn, Texas Roadhouse, and Ruby Tuesday.

    It is, apparently, not good to want a Medium steak in this town. It’s only good to want rare or shoe leather.

  2. @David, if you read the history of the blog, there has been coverage of *many* local as well as chain restaurants. It also might help to explain that I’m not a huge beef eater in general. However, if anyone has a suggestion of a local restaurant that can cook a good medium steak I’d be happy to hear it!

  3. “Restaurants which cannot cook a Medium steak in Columbia include ****Lone Star****, ****Longhorn****, ****Texas Roadhouse****, and ****Ruby Tuesday****.”

    * Denotes a chain restaurant

  4. Murry’s does a good steak. In fact, if you want great steak on a budget, try their Bob’s Bobs. They trim their own steaks, and they use the bits for the bobs.

  5. Yep, I was going to suggest Murry’s as well. Always reliable. And because it’s a la carte, you can control costs better. The best steak I’ve had recently was the Neuner Farms kobe-style strip at Broadway Brewery. Affordable as steaks go, and cooked perfectly – to medium rare.

  6. @Ryan, note how you so conveniently left G&D and Georges out of your list, as if I have only ever even tried steak from chains. Hmmmm. Is there, perhaps, an agenda?

    Scott and Anon, you know, I forgot all about Murry’s. When I go there though, I tend to have one of their amazing burgers. And blue-chips cheese bread. It’s definitely worth trying a steak from them sometime in the future.

    @Scott, I haven’t been to the Brewery in quite awhile. I definitely need to hit it back up again, and soon. I also do realize that wanting a Medium steak is somehow terribly uncouth of me; how dare I not like something bleeding on my plate! However, a) I don’t care what other people think, only what I like and b) if restaurants are going to *offer* to cook a Medium steak, they should be capable of cooking and serving a Medium steak. I would not be at all surprised if it’s actually the most difficult way to cook to get just the right texture and temperature.

    Oh and all, somebody commented on my blog that Scott took a “cheap shot” at me. I disagree, but even if I did agree, it’s Scott’s blog, he can write mostly what he wants then I can come here and jibe him for it. 🙂 And alsoplustoo, I am comfortable with my food tastes and also with other people not agreeing with me. I’m thrilled people still follow the blog.

  7. Touchy, touchy. I meant “to medium rare” because that’s how I ordered it and how it arrived, not because that’s how I think you’re supposed to order it.

  8. @Scott, fair enough. I think I misinterpreted your words of “cooked perfectly to medium rare” to be a statement that all steak, to be appreciated, should be cooked medium rare. I’ve encountered that sentiment quite a bit actually, hence my reaction. You’re right to call me on it.

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