CoMo burgers

Not that you would know it from reading this blog, but I was on BXR with Simon and Leslie this morning, talking about burger options around town. We have some good ones, and while we only had a few minutes today (invariably leaving out some worthies), we hit some highlights:

The Old Guard:

Of course. They’ve been around since Chester A. Arthur was president and still serve a wonderful burger on greasy wax paper. It’s a thing of beauty, just remember to order them two at a time. Perfection takes a while.

Mugs Up
Their loose-meat patty isn’t my preference, but it works if you go in knowing what you’re dealing with. Order a couple of “Zips” and a root beer and eat in your car. Today, for instance, when it’s barely 80 degrees.

The Not Quite So Old Guard:

The Super Deluxe Happy Fun Time Burger is just that, good times. A giant, delicious mess.

Billiards on Broadway
Typically I go for the Philly En Fuego, but they do a mean burger as well. The fries are the best in town.

44 Stone Public House
The specials rarely disappoint at 44 Stone, but if you can tear yourself away, a rather tasty burger awaits (on a pretzel bun, no less).

The New Kids on the Block:

Five Guys
Deliciously greasy fries and big, juicy, perfectly-grilled burgers. What’s not to love? (Note: do not order the one-patty burger…it throws the ratios all off)

Mad Cow (yes, that’s actually the name of a new burger place in town)
Columbia’s newest burger spot is a frame-by-frame copy of Five Guys. Burgers and fries are identical (and tasty), decor is minimalist, there are potato sacks laying around and the whole process stripped down to the basics. The only thing missing is the red and white color scheme and the peanuts. Also, the name is, well, memorable.

Alright, that’s my list. What have I missed? Stadium Grill?


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

16 thoughts

  1. I didn’t share my allegiance on the air, but Stadium Grill is a winner. That’s my vote for your next burger adventure.

  2. my favorite burger is murry’s.

    i’ve been to 5 guys, and i finally tried mad cow yesterday. they’re okay, but not worth $5. i’ll pay $5 at murry’s because i’m paying for an ambiance. now i feel like i should sign my comment “cheap bastard”…

  3. Scott, afraid I’m one of those where the two-patty burger at Five Guys is just too much meat for me, and is too unwieldy. I like the “little burger” better 🙂 Been wanting to try Mad Cow since I saw their ad in the Add Sheet. And I know this is sacrilege, but we are just not fans of Booches. But Billiards burgers are da bomb, and their other sandwiches are great as well. And you’re right, their fries ARE the best. Must give a shout-out here to Coley’s burgers; they are pretty darned good! To be honest, though, a home-cooked burger trumps all of these, IMO. Have a great weekend!

  4. In addition to those mentioned, I like the burgers at Flat Branch and Sky Hi Grill. I like the pork burger at Trumans.

    My current favorite is at Addisons – the Super Deluxe, etc. one. Murrays is good too.

    No one mentioned Fuddruckers???? Haven’t been there since they first opened, so maybe that is why not.

  5. I learned about Murry’s burger on this blog, so I am surprised to see it left off. It is great, esp. for 4.95!

    63 diner is great, and the HeidelBurger gets honorable mention. My wife and I do NOT like the double meat burger at Five Guys, but we like the Little Burger (single) there.

  6. Ingredient has some amazing signature burgers as well. You can also custom build your own burger from bun to bun. All ingredients are local and organic as well.

    Sky Hi Grill also has burgers worth a strong shout out. The Sky Triple Burger is out of this world good!

  7. Thanks for the link, Gary.

    Given the feedback, I ordered outside the box (comprised of chicken poblano, Deb’s garlic salad and fries) last night at Murry’s and got the burger. It’d been awhile, but you all are right…that’s a damn fine burger. Cooked perfectly (medium), beefy and with a perfect bun. Slow caps were given.

    Sky-Hi is another place I neglect for some reason. Need to get back there sometime, Joshua.

  8. Broadway Brewery has great burgers as with interesting optional extras that include among many other things local beef, local lamb, homemade pickles, and fried egg, gaot cheese and green chilies. I know there are times when one just wants a good greasy burger…but, if you’re looking for a step up…Broadway Brewery is great.

  9. Ok, I have a BBQ joint but do I have some pretty mean half LB burgers, THICK Angus Beef, handmade & seasoned at the BBQ Shack, cooked on the smoker with hickory and oak logs! NOTE: I have a FIREBURGER for the chiliheads out there: Pepper Jack Cheese, Jalapenos, Habenero bbq sauce (our recipe), lettuce, tomato, sweet onions, pickles, & my spicy southern mustard bbq sauce! You will be stuffed!

  10. I vote for SkyHi, Flatbranch and Broadway Billiards. Why go to a chain place when I can go to a local and enjoy a great beer to compliment my burger?

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