Been to Babbo’s?

Babbo’s Spaghetteria opened recently in the Grindstone space formerly occupied by the very shoddy Lampert’s Plush Pig. It’s a St. Louis-based mini-chain and makes their own spaghetti in-house. Based on one visit and a feedback from a couple of other people, it’s promising. A full review after another visit or two, but has anyone else has been there? What’d you think?


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

8 thoughts

  1. Well you’ve probably seen my initial review over at I have gone one more time, and am still overall very impressed. The bread is my biggest disappointment. The friend who accompanied me on my second visit coined it pretty well, she said it was “cakey” bread. Sort of a cake-like texture.

    Second time, we had neopolitan pizzas. Very good and quite large. I’d think most people could split a house salad and a pizza between two. Toppings were very minimal; I could have used more tomato on my margarita, and the mushroom on the funghi were also spare in application.

  2. I’d missed your post Robin, thanks for pointing that out to me. The bread – more cake than bread – is wretched. Everything else was really, really impressive. Can’t wait to give another try.

  3. It’s a type of dough that’s used for various things — perhaps in the St. Louis store? that doesn’t translate well to Italian bread. I hope they get over that quickly.

    Have high hopes for Babbo’s for some good basic Italian food.

    Will not have an opportunity to go anytime soon, but plan to mid-July. Keep the reviews coming!

  4. I’ve been once. Both my wife and I enjoyed our meals, although we had three complaints:

    1. The bread was below average, as discussed above.
    2. The olive oil provided for dipping lacked flavor / was too light.
    3. The parmesan on the bruschetta didn’t have a lot of flavor.

    All easily correctable, so we’ll give Babbo’s another shot soon.

  5. A friend & I had a lunch there recently. Split the margheritta pizza (it was just okay) and each got a salad. I got the DelPietro salad (dressing was heavy but honestly I was in the mood for that) and she got the field greens salad that she liked.

    Bread & olive oil was definitely the low point.

    Also, this is nit-picky and germaphobic, but I do not like how each person’s silverware is placed *handle first* into their empty (dinky) water glass. Knowing the restaurant industry like I do (decade of experience) probably two people (with “clean” hands) handled the cutlery before dunking it handle-first INTO your empty water glass. Also my lunch partner didn’t have a chance to grab her silverware out of the glass (I mean, the knife is pointing up, come on!) before the server came to pour our water, so the server awkwardly grabbed her glass and just poured the silverware onto the table in front of her. I appreciate trying to find a cool way to present silverware, but this is both dirty and awkward.

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