Hong Kong Market

Columbia is blessed with at least three really nice Asian markets. Kea International (up on Vandiver) and Chong’s Oriental Market (downtown, at 6th and ) are excellent. Kea sells at the farmers market and has kaffir lime trees and lemongrass you can repot at home. Chong’s is centrally located, well-stocked and the staff are helpful. But Hong Kong Market, located out on I-70 Drive SE by Patricia’s, is in a league of its own. The variety of produce and frozen options surpasses Chong’s by an order of magnitude. I swear to God they had a tank full of live fish one day. It’s a culinary playground, and not just for those seeking out mung sprouts, pig stomach and green papaya (though they have those things). 1 lb. bags of shallots were going for $1.59 (evidence above). Getting ten green curries worth of lime leaf for $1.89 is criminal. A family dinner’s worth of (delicious) pork and teriyaki rice buns went for $4.19. That $5.97 for lemongrass? 12 big, healthy stalks. In the end, I nearly filled a cooler with delicious, hard-to-find ingredients for $36.51.

Whether you’ve been to Hong Kong Market or not, I guarantee you’ve driven by a thousand times.

What are you waiting for?


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

6 thoughts

  1. I went a couple of years ago looking for quaile eggs (I knew they have them). I did not see any, so I asked. The person was incredibly rude. She talked, screamed would be a better term, to me in Chinese (I guess), then somebody else came, they talked to each other, and finally refused to answer whether they had any or not. Anyway… I never went back. I agree they have a lot of interesting things, and I wonder where they get all the cheap stuff from…

  2. I saw quail eggs there yesterday, so they do have them. Sounds like there may have been a linguistic misunderstanding…they’ve always been helpful and friendly for me. Had a nice conversation about Thailand yesterday with the clerk, for instance. Maybe give them another try?

  3. I love that place. And try to understand that there is a cultural difference there too, and maybe that rudeness was just a part of that. Want some real rudeness? Go shopping in Hong Kong (the real Hong Kong). Your experience in little ol’ Columbia will pale in comparison.

  4. I love that place. If you don’t mind the crazy crowd, go on a Friday around 5ish when they bring tasty stuff in from St Louis, like BBQ roast pork, duck and pastries.

  5. Kay

    I complained about the lady being rude. I’m not American and I come from a big city, so I know about cultural differences. FYI, little ol’Columbia is also pretty unfriendly for some foreigners…

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