Columbia finally has a kitchen/cooking store, located in the former PS: Gallery space on Broadway downtown. Unfortunately (from my admittedly narrow perspective), Tallulah’s seems much more geared to the interior designer than the cook. Loads of pretty – and pretty expensive – dishes, decorative items and showy, shiny frilliness are elaborately displayed and bathed in soft, soothing light. It feels like a Martha Stewart photo shoot. For the cook are bloated All-Clad pan sets and $250 enameled, cast iron cookware. Cookbooks are celebrity-heavy and basic. It feels to me like a store for those who don’t cook much, but want their kitchen and dining room to look like they do; more showhorse than workhorse.*

I’ll go back and give Tallulah’s another look, but my first take is this: Columbia still needs a kitchen store.

* Nothing wrong with showhorse kitchens per se; just an observation.

Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

7 thoughts

  1. They do have some great items in there, from my observations yesterday. The folding cutting boards being one. Love those. I don’t know that it will be a place I would go for everyday kitchen items, but I think it’s great for finding that special kitchen item perhaps as a gift.

  2. Unfortunately for our wallets, the megabuck Staub casseroles at Tallulah’s really do cook well. We have a 7-qt Staub which we use regularly. We bought a 3-qt Martha Stewart enameled cast-iron casserole last year – alas, the lid doesn’t fit well at all, and the braises get dried out without a dough seal. In this case, cheaper wasn’t worth it.

    Tallulah’s does have some more reasonably priced gadgets, along with the Wedding Registry stuff. I like the cookbook holder, for example.

    If you want stuff that’s frill-less, there’s always Ford Restaurant Supply.

  3. I went in there the other day too, and I agree that it doesn’t really seem tailored for the “serious cook”…..I still managed to find some things though….the previously mentioned folding cutting boards, some 2oz glass bowls (for minced seasonings, dipping sauces, etc), and as far as I know, it’s the only place in town that carries nitrous chargers for whipped cream canisters…..I’ve gotta have those for this fun project:

  4. I went in to Bed, Bath, and Beyond today, because I learned online that our store on Broadway had the kitchen shears I wanted available. I was amazed to learn that half the store is kitchen wares, despite the store’s name. I didn’t scout it for a review, but I encourage food folk to check it out. They do not have Le Creuset (that I saw, anyway), but did have All Clad that you could order by the piece. Not Williams and Sonoma by any means, but better than our downtown Talullah’s, which is too bad. BB &B has some of the same things on the more reasonable end. It’s like Westlake’s kitchen department used to be, IMO.

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