4 Quick Notes

Chim’s Thai Kitchen: The Columbia location is alive and well. “Mom” is in the kitchen and still turning out a mean green curry, tom yum kai soup and pad see ew. New to the menu (and recommended) is the pad grapow, a fiery, basil-strewn stir-fry of pork we encountered all over Thailand and fell in love with. Chim cuts her pork differently, but it’s tremendous. Remember, “Thai spicy” is an 8 on the heat scale, and what I order. Start with a 4 and move up as you dare. Note: They do not have and will not be applying for a liquor license. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BRING YOUR OWN SINGHA. They’ll even give you a glass.

Cork, Jina Yoo’s and Mandarin House after the jump…

Cork: As soon as I left state government work a restaurant featuring quiche lorraine and rosemary maple popcorn opens in Jefferson City. Figures.

Jina Yoo’s: Even if the edamame hummus doesn’t work (at all), the chicken satay and sumo noodle bowl are excellent, as are “Jina’s Balls,” if you can bring yourself to order them. The Sin City roll is good enough to lure sushi purists to the dark side. Hitachino Red and White are available by the bottle. Go.

Mandarin House: After a dozen so-so experiences at House of Chow, I think Columbia’s best Chinese food can be found at Mandarin House. It’s also a great value. I had lunch the other day that included hot and sour soup, a small eggroll, crab rangoon, stir-fried beef and rice for less than $7. Ja chin chicken, sichuan beef (order it extra spicy) and sichuan fish are excellent. The humorless grandma running the front of the house makes the experience even better.


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

7 thoughts

  1. Been to Chim’s twice so far, had the green and red curry, loved them both. Very friendly but a little pricey for lunch I think. They could use some special lunch deals as a suggestion.

  2. I love Jina Yoo’s, but I must say that I always have rolls, which are amazing, and never tried anything else from the menu except for some appetizers.

  3. I think Chim’s is in the former Casablanca spot in that Peachtree mess at Nifong and Providence. Somebody please correct me if I’m giving wrong info!

  4. Thanks, Scott, for reminding me of Mandarin House. Never had a bad meal there, and we don’t get the usual Americanized Chinese, but that’s fine for those who like it. I got my first taste of Chinese about 40 years ago at Formosa (yes, the one here) with sweet and sour pork. Something for everyone at Mandarin House. And, Grandma in the front does add to the experience!

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