4 Quick Notes

44 Stone Public House: For our first visit we tried the lamb sliders, Welsh rarebit, Three Little Pigs (tacos), the Bangers and Mash Pasty and a lamb stew served in a pastry crust. The sliders were a bit dry but everything else was impressive…a very nice start. Service was quick but understandably unfamiliar with the beer menu. Descriptions were limited to “dark” and “light.” That should improve with time, as should the beer menu itself, which seems pretty dull to me.

Flavor Factory, Bambino’s and Saigon Bistro after the jump.

The Flavor Factory: Weird name, weird service, decent food (if you order carefully). I had the bibimbap in a hot stone bowl and found it a great way to beat the cold. Veggies, tender marinated beef and brown rice, sizzling and getting crunchy at the bottom – all with an egg cracked on top. Don’t write them off. Do pass on the pizza though; it’s revolting. A “dough” of fried rice topped with mozzarella cheese and topped with a spicy sauce, it should be made only by the hungover and the soon-to-be-hungover. Kate of Capturing CoMo warned of this as well. Also, the awkward waitress asked the same questions on each of my visits (“Do you work around here?” and “Is it still cold out there?”). Finally, and with feeling: a shitty Facebook page does not a restaurant website make. Stick with the straight up Korean stuff and you’ll be in good shape.

Bambino’s: The haterade is getting dumped all over Bambino’s II. It’s getting killed on CoMo Whine and Dine, but much more significantly, they’ve done away with the New Yorker sandwich (Mrs. SMEs’ all-time favorite sandwich). The sandwich got the ax because it was the only reason they had pastrami, the only reason they had swiss. It was also the only reason we went. Boo.

Saigon Bistro: This place is improving on their shaky start. Last week my bowl of pho was flavorful, rejuvenating. I still don’t get the tough sliced hotdog thing but I encountered it in Thailand, so I think it’s legit. With a dab of hoisin and a little chili paste, it hit all the right sweet and sour notes. The curry tofu is excellent as well.


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

4 thoughts

  1. Try the deviled eggs with salmon next time you go, Scott. They were surprisingly good, very light and delicate and tasty. The fritto misto was good, and has the same batter and presentation as Bleu does for their crabcake fritters (served in a paper cone in a wire holder). We also had soup of the day (spiced pork and veggies), house salad, and onion rings which were all good. Fish and chips were deemed passable. My pork “reuben” was a little dry. I didn’t inquire where the promised siracha aioli was, but it was obvious it was left off the sandwich. Oh well. We’ll definitely go back.

  2. Someone I know got sick after eating @ Saigon Bistro last week. Doesn’t bode well. I ALWAYS read and check the Health Department’s Restaurant Inspection scores BEFORE I go anywhere to eat. In my opinion, more people should do the same.

  3. Will try the salmon next time, Christine. That looked good to me as well.

    As far as checking the health dept scores before going to a restaurant, I’m glad it works for you. Personally. I just go (and have gotten sick – in the U.S., Thailand, Mexico, etc. – exactly zero times). To each his own…

  4. I had a wonderful experience at 44 Stone, I hope they do well!

    My mom and her boyfriend love the Pho at Saigon Bistro too, but she said once they saw a huge cockroach crawling on the ceiling when they were eating…so…there’s that. :/

    I had a similar/awkward experience at Flavor Factory (agreed on the damn facebook page, so annoying!)…had a hot stone bowl, loved the crunchy rice, egg, all that stuff. The menu does require too much explaining by the awkward (but sweet girl) server. They definitely seem like they are spreading themselves thin having so much going on menu-wise.

    Checking health department scores is a risky little game, you have to be prepared to have your heart broken. But, it does come in handy when your friend wants to go somewhere gross like Applebees and you can whip out your iPhone and squash that crappy suggestion with a bad health dept review.

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