Weekly Wrap – NYE edition

 This week we’ll go with a must-see. Black Swan at Ragtag. Stunning.

Chinese Wok Express (feeling heat from Saigon Bistro?) now has banh mi on the menu. Not only is it a pretty damn good sandwich, they claim to make the pate in-house. In honor of Jina Yoo’s, this: Things Never Said About Restaurant Websites.  I’m not making gorditas today (bo ssam instead), but Marcia’s article yesterday told us how. That Christmas tree drying out in the living room? One guy wants us to eat it. Have a great New Year’s Eve – and stay safe out there.


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

5 thoughts

  1. “In honor of Jina Yoo’s”– nailed it. Thanks for the intro to that Tumblr, I always feel like I have such strong (frustrated) feelings about restaurant websites, now I know I’m not alone! This is much more of an issue now that I’m always scrambling to find their websites on an iPhone. There is a hierarchy of information that these restaurant web designers seem to be oblivious to. Biggest petpeeve= when restaurants count their Facebook page as their website…. Newsflash restaurant owners, I cannot access Facebook is blocked on my work computer, and I’m pretty sure 75% of office workers out there can’t either!

    Also, I saw those gorditas in the paper– whoa baby, the fat girl crammed inside my skinny body did a little dance. And after that dance, I thought… “taco boat?”

  2. I could always add 2 and 2, but not restaurant web site clutter until Tumblr. Thanks for the link, and I went to Jina Yoo’s to check that one out. Yikes! Worst ever.

  3. Cannot agree on the Black Swan rec. We have to agree with the David Edelstein review: a brilliantly dumb movie. A feat, I suppose, because most dumb movies are not brilliant, but this one was. Just tired of flicks about wackaloons. Lack of character development made me want to laugh out loud a couple times. Maybe I’m not a true Aronovsky (sp?) fan….

    Have to agree on the busy, cluttered Jina Yoo’s website, but she does crank out some nummy food. We ate there last Thursday night with some friends and everything we had was quite tasty.

    Have you tried the new Indian takeout place called Curries out by the Eastwood Motel? COMO Whine and Dine says it’s really good, but I fear for it due to location.

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