Shakespeare’s, White Castle and (most importantly) Five Guys

If you don’t get the paper (shame), there’s a lot of CoMo restaurant moving and shaking going on these days. And if you haven’t had it before, Five Guys will change your life.

Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

7 thoughts

  1. Things are looking up for the East side of town…now maybe Shakespeare’s will consider joining the food scene out this way!

  2. I will never understand what anybody sees in Shakespeare’s. I’m also so out of the loop, I didn’t realize Felini’s had closed. It’s been awhile since I ate there obviously.

  3. I’m not a Shakespeare’s fanatic either. I think it’s fine, but generally unworthy of its following. Pizza, as we have seen, is quite the divisive issue.

  4. If I had never been to Italy I would probably like Shakespeare’s. Or if we didn’t make our own from truly fresh crust with on-farm ingredients I would probably like Shakespeare’s. Haven’t had Kostaki’s though I keep seeing good comments.

    I have high hopes for Red & Moe’s. Haven’t been there yet, but Trey stopped by the market this morning and bought 13 heads of garlic from us at retail for use on their pizzas. They’re taking the local/fresh theme very seriously.

  5. What is there to like about 5 guys? It is far from my favorite burger and the fries are usually limp and tasteless. Lot’s of better burger places around in my mind.

  6. I like Five Guys because everything is blissfully greasy. I’ve never found the fries tasteless, but they are usually limp, as you say. Limp with salt and tasty, tasty grease. To each his own, I guess.

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