St. Louis recommendations needed

We’ll be headed to St. Louis this coming weekend. Finally. The only sure thing is a Cardinals game on Sunday, but I guess that depends on them showing up as well, so who knows? A Saturday-Monday trip isn’t ideal for food exploration, but it’s what we have to work with. Other possibilities currently on the schedule:

The Zoo. Salume Beddu and The Wine and Cheese Place, to stock up on provisions for the hotel room (because the kids will need naps to remain human…and because dad needs good beer). Big Muddy Blues Festival. Sunday brunch somewhere. Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Maybe Rooster for breakfast.

Other than that – ahem – we’re completely wide open. Stellina Pasta Cafe has been floated (and looks excellent). Crown Candy would be nice if we can get in the door. What else should be on the list? We’ll be staying downtown, for the record.


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

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  1. I’ll include URLs but I’m not sure if they’ll be clickable.

    A Ted Drewes concrete is worth the purchase just to watch them hold it upside down before handing it to you. To me, the one on Chippewa is the “real” Ted Drewes. That’s where I always went when in school.

    For shopping, we usually go to Jay’s International Foods at 3905 S Grand. It’s supposed to be the largest one in St. Louis.

    I’ve not been there, but Angela said for Italian shopping, she likes Viviano on the Hill at 3159 Shaw Ave. I think you may be familiar with this because when I was reading the link, it seemed familiar, like I had already read this in the Tribune column or the blog.

    She and my sister likes Zia’s on the hill but you can’t really go wrong anywhere on the hill.

    If you can get into Crown Candy, she recommends the sundae with pecans.

  2. Iron Barley. Good Pie. Winslow’s (near Zoo) and an amazing brisket sandwich. Cafe Vetana for breakfast. Pi (also near Zoo). Niche if you have a place to leave the kids. Six Row for beers. Blues City Deli.

  3. Gary, the Ted Drewe’s on Chippewa is the only way to go. Viviano’s gets a lot of my business on most trips, but I’m not sure I need anything this go-round. And mmm, Sidney Street.

  4. The City Museum is not to be missed! Be careful though, I don’t know how more people don’t get injured there. It is very near Crown Candy. We went to Crown late on a Sat. evening – like 8pm and had no line at all. The ice cream is the only draw for me there so I’d recommend dinner somewhere else and share a giant sundae.

    I love to eat at this place on the Hill:

  5. Stay away from Crown Candy. Sparky’s has better ice cream. You must go to CityGarden. It’s awesome and right downtown.

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