4 Quick Notes

Chim’s Thai Kitchen (Cooper’s Landing): Aesthetically, this Thai restaurant is about what you’d expect from a van down by the river. But it’s not bad as a prelude to Bangkok street food and the noodle dishes and spicy cucumber salad are excellent (I don’t care for Chim’s pad thai, either here or in Jeff City. Go with drunken noodle or pad see ew).

Schnucks: Officially calling Hy-Vee’s bet, St. Louis-based Schnucks had pulled out all the stops with their renovation of the Forum store in Columbia. Their beautiful wine and beer section is centrally located (as it should be, everywhere, all the time). There’s also a Kaldi’s – with gelato – and more local produce than I’ve found before. Their spiral cut ham remains a draw. And I couldn’t resist this charcuterie platter.

Coffee Zone: Stopped in to grab breakfast to go (kitchen opens at 8:oo am). Grabbed a bagel instead (flavorless and stale). Anybody in Columbia have a decent bagel?

Riverside Diner: Homemade doesn’t always equal quality. This greasy spoon across from Glenn’s Cafe in Boonville clearly hand breads their own catfish, whips up their own coleslaw and even pickles their own beets. The beets were the only thing I’d eat again. (On a side note, at least they were open. Glenn’s, supposedly open until 2:30 p.m. on Saturdays, had closed when I arrived at 2:05 p.m.)


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

8 thoughts

  1. Schnucks is the best! I try to like Hy-Vee and just can’t. I’ll agree, somethings are overpriced at Schnucks (Carr’s water crackers), but I’ve learned to avoid those few items. Schnucks is my number one grocery store!

  2. Speaking of Schnucks and bagels, the bakery at Schnucks usually does a pretty good job with their bagels. They have all kinds of varieties and the few times I’ve tried them they were fresh and chewy.

  3. B&B bagels off of Nifong are the only way to go!! They aren’t Murray’s from NYC or even Einstein for that matter, but they are actually bagels as opposed to round shaped bread like items at Panera or anywhere else here in town. Also, if you get The Marketplace coupon magazine, they always have a coupon for buy 6, get 6 FREE! And those bagels freeze beautifully…I pre-slice them, put them in a zip lock, put them frozen into the toaster just to warm and crisp and my morning is better for it. And most importantly they understand the concept of a savory bagel: the everything is my favorite, but the onion, garlic, salt, and sesame are equally good. Their only drawback is their cream cheese, weirdly enough. I prefer a whipped cream cheese for my bagels and they use a flavor absent standard cream cheese, but their bagels are great plain or with butter and to me that is the sign of an excellent bagel!
    ok, I’ll stop now…

  4. B&B bagels are first by me too.

    Schnuck’s is still the best store in town – but I hate it when they re-do the store because it takes about six months for me to find anything.

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