When pig heads fly

Photo by Nick King of the Columbia Daily Tribune


I started writing a Sycamore column about two months ago, but it quickly became clear that there was far more to tackle than a measly 600 words allows for. Marcia was a good sport and let me hop over to the main page for a week. The resulting cover story was in tonight’s Tribune. You should be subscribing (Wednesdays and Sundays at the very least), but if you absolutely insist, the story is available online.  

A few notes: 

  • I thought “When pig heads fly” was a grisly, off-putting headline. My wife thought it was great. What do I know? #marciawin
  • If that’s wine Jamie Smith is drinking in this picture I’ll give up pork for a year. In fact, if anyone has a picture of Jamie drinking wine I’ll give up pork for a year.*

Jamie Smith is drinking beer. And photo by Nick King of the Trib.


  • It’s pure coincidence that this story ran the week the Beard semifinalists for Best Chef: Midwest – sans Mike Odette – were announced. It’s possible that every other chef on the list simply got a little better over the past year. But doubtful. Mike has inarguably stepped up his game…it’s just a sad fact of awards that someone worthy always gets left off. I know he’ll take it in stride. Lucky us.

* – No, not really.

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4 Responses to “When pig heads fly”

  1. Chris Says:

    Good thing you added that asterisk, Scott! I don’t know that Jamie has ever had wine at lunch…but I could dig up a picture or two of wine consumption in Sonoma County! Nice article. In the 2+ years we’ve been dining at Sycamore, the food has never disappointed and seems only to get better.

  2. jeff Says:

    Mike needs to bring back the lobster pot pie appetizer. And where are those beef cheeks he promised me! Little love for non-pork eating foodies too!:)

  3. builderofcoalitions Says:

    I thought that the Jamie Smith caption was wrong as well. There is no way he’s drinking wine at Sycamore. That has to be a stout or possibly that Grand Teton bock they’re serving.

  4. Scott Says:

    Never got to try the lobster pot pie app, so I could use a return from that as well. And beef cheeks are wonderful. That too, please.

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