All-time greatest SME blog comment

Seriously. It’s all-caps and pro-Domenico’s.


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

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  1. You’re not from Chicago. You’re from a suburb of Chicago and are under the impression that having “Chicago” and “Steak” in the name of the ex-Perkins in the mall parking lot means it is a great Chicago Steakhouse, in the same way that you are under the impression that “creamy Italian dressing” contains more than one accurate word.


  2. Wow. Judge much? A reader was simply stating their experience and what they thought. But then they are mocked for it?

    Snob, indeed.

  3. Dear Scott Reuter, owner of Chert Hollow Farms. Can you make sure your business name is prominently displayed at the CFM–so I know which smug missouri dirt farmer’s stall I should skip?

    Thanks in advance.

    Columbia, Missouri.

  4. Havin’ a laugh with the one guy I’ve heard say good things about Domenico’s – and now all the hate? Where’s the love?

    Let’s move on.

  5. Oh, fer cryin’ out loud. First of all, that’s my comment, not Scott’s, and the link to my farm’s website is right there with my name. So if you want to boycott me, it’s easy enough to do without tarring Scott for something a reader posted to his blog. Are “Scott” and “Eric” really such similar names?

    Second, I know tongue-in-cheek sarcasm doesn’t convey well in print, but good grief. This is a blog about good food, which posted an amusingly (and profanely) harsh review of the restaurant in question for not having good food, then recieving an over-the-top endorsement of said food, followed by my (I maintain funny) take-down of said endorsement. I’ve seen worse in the Como Whine & Dine comments, usually anonymously.

    Anyone wants to discuss snobbery and senses of humor with me, like I said, the farm’s web site is right there and we’re at the market every week April to November. I take food seriously and make no apologies for it, just as folks with strong opinions in just about any field do. Come say hi and have the rational discussion in person; it would be fascinating.

    It’s funny; you’re a snob if you have strong opinions about food, but not if your opinions are about sports or cars. It’s not judgemental to make fun of someone for liking the Royals (bad team) but it is to make fun of someone for liking Domenicos (bad food). Odd.

  6. I was in the process of correcting “Scott” with “Eric” but the douchebag webmaster disabled comments yesterday. Apparently that has since changed.

    or has it?

    and yes eric reuter, you are a smug prick. but now you’ve actually managed to descend to an even lower form: a smug prick who thinks way too highly of himself.

  7. COMOKenny:

    This douchebag webmaster did not disable comments. Not yesterday nor ever before. In fact, through 532 posts and 1,057 comments I have never had to do so. The primary reason for that is that posters and commenters here have maintained a reasonably civil – if sometimes pointed and opinionated – discourse. You are an outlier.

    Still, I do not intend to disable or unapprove comments from you. Feel free to continue to embarrass yourself here.

    Scott Rowson

  8. What has the blogosphere come to if we can’t mock someone who obviously is a little outside of their taste level and posts in all caps? The comment is so absurd that I thought it was a joke. Why is their opinion sacred? If you like bad food and want to publish your loves, start your own blog. Call it “The Rome.”

  9. Meh… I mean, I get that Delmonico’s sucks. I am not disagreeing on that.

    Their opinion is not “sacred”, but sometimes, it’s just nice to leave things be and just not even bother to respond. Okay, someone likes something I hate… that is okay. We all have different opinions and that is okay, right?

    Every once in a while I really want a McDonald’s cheeseburger.. Oh No’s!… Will I get mocked for that?? 🙂 Bring it… sometimes fake meat just hits the spot.

  10. I personally don’t ever crave McDonald’s (though I readily admit to falling prey on family drives to KC).I do love me some Steak n’ Shake once in awhile.

    And Mike, love the “The Rome” line.

  11. @ Mike — oh no! “The Rome” has fallen into disgrace among foodies already?

    Will eat there before EVER going to Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill because Rome at least serve basic Italian-American food (not Italian). Not everything is great, but not everything is bad either.

    For my Christmas Eve dinner, I had neither the time nor energy to make my own fried calamari. I decided to order from Rome what I considered a good amount for my needs.

    They waited until the very last minute to toss them into the fry-a-lator and only for the briefest time necessary. The dish was still hot when we got it to my table. The flavors and texture were perfect and the amount WAY MORE than I thought I ordered. The marinara sauce which accompanied it was so-so (very Jersey Shore style) but the aglio e oilo with the tiniest cut I’ve ever seen of fresh herbs – was outstanding. People were licking their fingers. The two-year old ate the marinara with bread.

    OK – my two cents on “The Rome” comment. LOL

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