How is Broadway Brewery doing?

Jeff over at Make Mine Potato isn’t impressed – though he is trying to keep an open mind.

So what do you think? I’ve had a nice pizza and an amazing ravioli special on my two food visits so far. But grumblings – from Jeff and others – suggest quite a bit of room for improvement. If you’ve been, I’d love to hear your initial reactions.


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

10 thoughts

  1. Only been once, and thought it was fine with some quirks that I assumed would be addressed. Interesting to hear repeated notes that the quirks just keep coming.

    Opening a locally-aimed place in fall, and trying to make it through the winter until lots of stuff is available again, is a very difficult choice. I’m certainly giving it through next summer to see if they can really get their swing together when the area is bursting with possibilities. I bet they didn’t have time to really lay in the stocks of preserved and premade local items they’d need to do things right.

    Plus, with no farm income ourselves until next spring, we’re not eating out much. So I can’t offer a followup perspective from our first try.

  2. 1st attempt – Service a little slow. At the time we arrived there were more service people than partrons, so this was surprising.

    Two pizzas were ordered. Interesting and stange combinations on the menu for sure. On one, we requested that 1/2 of pizza include greens and turnips and other not. We were assurred this was no problem. When the pizza arrived, the greens and turnips were on the entire pizza and the Canadian bacon was only on 1/2. We took care of it at the table with my daughter picking the greens and turnips off her side and me sharing the Canadian bacon from my side with her.

    The Canadian bacon was from pork shoulder and someone made it. It was not those commercial preformed pieces for sure. Taste was very good. One pizza will easily feed two people.

    Both pizzas were very good and very interesting. The crust was very good. Not sure all selections will appeal to a one topping crowd – There was no pepperoni pizza that I recall, but they at least seemed willing to make changes to listed items, even if they did not get it carried out.

    Decor of place is cool. This winter they need to figure out how to deflect the cold air coming in from front door. It blows across several of their tables.

    We shall go again!

  3. Funny you mention the doors, I remember Uprise being the same way; you couldn’t sit up there without getting blasted by cold air.

    We also felt the pizza was best. Nice to have a thin, Italian-style crust with no hint of grease anywhere; that’s almost impossible to find in the US.

  4. I paid a return visit today. The ravioli was the special again, and was again delicious. I also had the butternut squash pizza, which was good. Thick chunks of soft bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and butternut puree as a base.

    Service was slow and awkward. Who takes the check folder at the end of a meal and asks “Is this ready?” Do you mean ready for you to go and get my change? Or “ready” as in no change needed? Just bring me the effing change.

  5. I’ve already given my 2cents on other sites about the BB, so I won’t rehash them here. I’ve only eaten there once and the food was OK, nothing spectacular but not terrible. Beer was also average and seemed to have improved since the last time I visited, so I think it will get better. My major complaint with the place was, as Scott points out, the service. It took 45 minutes for us to get pizzas and there were only 10 or so other patrons in the restaurant at the time. I think the place will get better with time, but I think management needs to get on the ball. The set-up is nice and it’s in a prime location, so hopefully they are successful.

  6. Agreed on the service. We were charged for the neighboring table’s order, which was double ours. When we pointed it out to the server, she said she would fix it, and then gave us the correct bill. When we got the credit card statement, however, both charges were listed. Also, the server seemed to know nothing at all about the beers, and a question from the beer geek who accompanied me about what was “on the engine” was met with blank stares. I enjoy a little education with my indulgence, and part of the appeal of a local place is that you get to learn about how and why they’re doing what they’re doing (just like part of the appeal of the farmers market is getting to talk to the people who actually grow your food, and learning more about what you’re eating). I enjoyed the hummus and other appetizers we had, but even as a non-beer geek, I found the beer (we had the porter) a bit disappointing.

  7. Went on Living Windows night, the place was packed, the service was mostly good. Got the appetizer with the baba ganoush, which was excellent. Needed more pita, but the waitress brought it promptly. I ordered the pork sandwich, which was good, husband ordered the trout, which he loved. The roasted vegetables were good, but didn’t really seem roasted, they weren’t crispy on the outside at all. Our only problem was with the pasta salad that our kids ordered as sides. It really didn’t have much flavor and the pasta seemed old. It said it was an heirloom tomato pasta salad, but there was very little tomato. One of the owners asked for feedback and we were very honest about what we liked and what they could improve on. He was very appreciative and receptive. I liked the beer, I wish that they had written descriptions of them on the menu. I’ll definitely go back.

  8. Went with 2 others guys from work for lunch. The waitress was very awkward and inexperienced. The menu is quirky for a place just getting started. The rye (ale?) was too hoppy for me, and the Porter too malty for my friend, though I liked it. The price of the beer was good, but the food was not so much.

    Consensus was it would not be around in a year. Competition too stiff in Columbia.

  9. Wife and I went again last night and met up with some friends. Service had improved significantly and the beer was better as well (particularly the winter warmer that they just put on tap, the Amber was also nice for the style). Food was still average at best, I had a burger and the wife had the veggie sandwich – neither were filling, but would pass as a lunch option. Was surprised to find out that they don’t serve their entrees on Monday night, not sure why though? Definitely have seen improvement each time I’ve visited.

  10. We went about 2 weeks ago. My BF is a beer nerd; I enjoy a brew now and again. We both ordered the beer sampler and received 4 smaller glasses a piece. Since I’d read about the full menu not being available in the afternoon, we ate before we went. Our server was friendly and knowledgeable. She knew her menu, she knew about the beer, and was attentive. The place was empty on a Saturday afternoon, save for a few patrons watching sports on the other side of the room. We still looked over the menu, and asked about availability. Salads, Appetizers, and pizzas only, until 4pm (I think). We both thought the beer was ok. It seemed a bit “smooth” to me-lacking some carbonation, but tasted nice. I was wary of the stout, as I usually am, and ended up being delightfully surprised to think it tasted somewhat like coffee and might be good with ice cream. After mentioning it to the server, my surprise, she suggested we try the Chocolate Stout cake with a scoop of homemade ice cream. We did. I thought it was pretty good. The cake was dense and the ice cream light, a nice combination. I was intrigued enough to go back sometime.

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