Only YOU…

…can prevent Macaroni Grill from being named Best Italian Restaurant in Inside Columbia’s 2010 Readers Choice Awards. Nominate away.

(Note: “Best Italian” should not even be a category here…you have nothing but shockingly poor options. Actually, Mac Grill’s not even your worst option.)


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

8 thoughts

  1. LOL! I went to a Macaroni Grill in St. Louis about a year ago, and really, it wasn’t that bad if you stay away from the pasta.

    Most places in Columbia are doomed before they begin – even if they have a great sauce, they don’t put enough salt in the pasta water or they overcook the pasta. It doesn’t how good the sauce is, you can’t recover from either of those mistakes. To be honest, I can’t think of any good Italian restaurants in Columbia, can you? Any suggestions on what to vote for?

  2. Agreed, there are no Italian restaurants in Columbia. The best plate of pasta I’ve had here in years was a ravioli special at a two-week old Broadway Brewery. It’s a freaking disgrace, a shame we all carry. And I have no idea why it is so. Boo.

  3. I think what bothers me most is not even that Macaroni Grill is arguably the best “Italian” in Columbia, it’s that people actually think they’re eating high-end Italian food when they eat there.

    Would it be that hard for one of the Italian restaurants on the Hill to open a Columbia location? Surely, somewhere in all those big Italian families, there’s a young go-getter who’d like to live in a nice, quiet college town and run his or her own upstart restaurant using their family’s formula.

  4. The best Italian-in-America food is best found east of the Mississippi and north of the Mason-Dixon line. Period.

  5. I largely agree, Anon, but we’re not demanding the *best* Italian food in the states. I think we’d be satisfied with adequate at this point.

  6. I live in a city that is roughly the same size (slightly larger) and with similar demographics as Columbia (without the enormous college population). When I came here for college I was astounded at the lack of good Italian food! My city does not have a great dining scene (although it is improving), but there are a handful of really solid, upscale Italian joints. It was the one thing I missed most during my college career, and I admit to having to resort to going to Romano’s a couple times. At one point I seriously considered changing my major to Hotel & Restaurant Management just so I could open up a decent Italian place in the area, I was pretty desperate!

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