Cooper’s Landing Thai…on High Street

The sign reads “Chim’s Thai Kitchen coming soon,” and references Cooper’s Landing. It’s currently posted in the window of the decent Jefferson City Thai restaurant Tom Yum Thai, which could apparently hang on no longer than a few months, having only recently replaced a third Thai offering.

What gives? And, having never been to Cooper’s Landing, should I be excited?


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

5 thoughts

  1. I’m both hopeful that Chim can provide a little spice to the woeful high Street “dining” scene, and not at all hopeful that (s)he can make it in what’s proven to be a graveyard of restaurants. You would think that, with a captive audience of literally thousands of state workers and other office types, there’d be some decent choices. But there’s not. The answer, I’m afraid, is that most state employees can’t afford to eat out at lunch, or think they can’t– there’s a prevailing culture of parsimony that makes the occasional sneak-out to Subway seem like a wild extravagance.

  2. Every time we’ve tried to eat in Jeff City we’ve fled in horror. Tried the Italian place that’s always on KBIA, and found it hands-down the worst Italian food we’ve eaten in America. Bruschetta arrived as a sodden strip of soft white bread with a smear of canned tomatoes and cheap cheese from which the grease was visible oozing (and contributing to the sodden-ness of the bread). And whatever “garlic” they were using must have been powdered with other artifical flavors added, because the whole thing tasted like a NJ lab experiment gone wrong. Meal went downhill from there, and the aftertastes & salt load stayed with us all day.

    Tried to go the Thai place Scott recommended a while back and found it closed, as noted above.

    Tried Cooper’s Landing once, and had the Thai equivalent of the experience described above. Grease-soaked, nasty, and headed for the trash can on the paper plate it soaked. Maybe lots of cheap beer and a few cigarettes numb the palate enough?

  3. I’ve been to Coopers over and over, and have given Chim’s a couple opportunities to win me over. Eh. I’m not one of the swooners. Maybe it’s the ambiance of the river sunset, and the live music that adds a certain romance to it, but it has yet to work on me.

  4. Thanks for the input; for the record, I have heard many other very promising comments about Chim’s at Cooper’s Landing, so who knows? Eric, I think you’re talking about Madison’s in Jeff City? It’s truly awful, I agree.

    And Cyrano, I found the same dynamic on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Plenty of hungry, reasonably well-compensated people and no – repeat, NO – good food in the immediate vicinity. It was depressing, and a disgrace to our nation’s capital. Same holds true for our state gathering place as well.

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