Where to eat on The Hill?

I’ll be in StL Wednesday for work and am open to suggestions for Hill-dining. Adrianna’s?


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

12 thoughts

  1. Lorenzo’s Trattoria is good. We just had dinner at Favazza’s and I would avoid that unless you have a hankering for powdered packaged cheese on your salad and huge portions of bland pasta. It was packed though, so go figure.

  2. Not on the Hill, but close – Trattoria Marcella. Also not on the hill, but in Clayton – Cafe Napoli has great food, but the ambiance is a little stuffier than I usually prefer.


  3. Lunch, dinner? Budget?

    Adrianna’s and Gioa’s are a great spots for sammies. Lorenzo’s and Five are good for dinner. I like Zia’s and Cunnetto’s too.

    Avoid Ragazzi’s at all costs.

    Go to Sweat Art for desert. Do not miss this gem!

    Overall, I think most of the Italian served on the Hill is overrated…not bad food, just “saint louis good.”

  4. Zia’s, by all means. Don’t be surprised if you find Tony Soprano and his boys sitting in the corner. Good ambience.

  5. Trattoria Marcella is better than anything on the hill take my word for it. Handmade pasta and the lasagna is TO DIE FOR. take it from a fellow foodie who was born and raised in st. louis and been to every place on the hill. That being said, if you want a great sandwich on the hill i would check out Mama Toscano’s. Adriana’s is great, but very crowded. Toscano’s is the underdog for sure. If you want a nice italian dinner, Marcella is lightyears beyond anything on the hill

  6. I ended up at Pi in the East Loop. Was feeling like pizza…though I did buy four lbs of sausage at various places on the Hill. Column on that forthcoming.

  7. Scott, I know you’ve already done your dining at Pi on the Delmar Loop, but thought I’d chime in (late – been gone for two weeks due to my father’s death in OH), but can give a thumbs up also to Trattoria Marcella on Watson, and also LoRusso’s Cucina on Watson. Both great places, but not really on the Hill. However, on the Hill, have heard great things about Modesto Tapas, although have not tried it, but for something different and not Italian, you might put on your list for the future and see how you like it and report back. BTW, your Show Me Eats is a gem! I missed it while I was gone…. You would’ve loved all the farm markets and roadside stands in abundance in Ohio at this time of year!

  8. Trattoria Marcella is officially on the list. Modesto too. Sauce Mag and others seem to be pretty high on the place.

    And thanks for thinking of us back here at Show Me Eats. While there’s no consoling such a loss, I hope you had good times catching up with family and reminiscing.

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