• The deluxe grilled cheese at Main Squeeze.
  • Wheatberries, sriracha and sesame oil for lunch.
  • The gritty, fragrant Turkish coffee at Casablanca.
  • Juicyburgers at Lee St. Deli.


  • Burger King, whose bacon cheese breakfast wraps fail to meet even the lowest expectations.
  • Me, for never having been to House of Chow.
  • Sophia’s, my pick for the most overrated restaurant in town. Stripper/waitress + six plates of boring food = fail.

Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

12 thoughts

  1. You had a stripper waitress at Sophia’s? Doesn’t sound boring to me. Maybe not good, but definitely not boring.

  2. You are not missing much at House of Chow, imo. They can’t even make a decent up of hot Jasmine tea. A major “fail” in my book!

  3. House of Chow is our go to take out place. While not the greatest Chinese I’ve ever had, it is as good as it gets here in town. Very doable.

  4. It’s funny, HoC seems to get a really bipolar reaction from reviewers. I’ve eaten there three times, and loved it every time. It actually tastes like real food, not salt/chemical-laden American Chinese, and their menu reflects their claim to have a real chef using fresh ingredients, not canned. Maybe I’ve been fortunate to hit dishes they do well, but another serious foodie friend also highly approves of their quality. Yet I’ve seen lots of slagging on them to. Maybe it’s just a taste question, I don’t know.

  5. I, too, have had good experiences at HoC, Eric. Everything tastes fresh and like they’ve used decent ingredients. I’ve most enjoyed the sichuan fish, hot braised chicken or shrimp, and this green vegetable dish whose name escapes me. I’ve also liked getting their side of steamed vegetables, which is a generous helping of freshly steamed veggies (not boiled to death) and goes well if you want something meat-based and something green on the side. But I’ve heard plenty of people complain about the food there, too, so I don’t know what we’re ordering that’s different.

    And I agree that it might not be the most stellar Chinese food in the world but I don’t think there’s any place in town that’s more than marginally better.

  6. I love the medium rare Ahi tuna with Godiva white chocolate emulsion (or is it a reduction?) at Sophia’s. Yum!

  7. I have tried HoC 4 times and absolutely hated everything I’ve ever had there. However, my husband always leaves fully and happy. Maybe it’s just me?

    I have had successful meals at both Peking and Q’s.

    @ Scott- what comes on the deluxe grilled cheese at Main Squeeze? I tried to check their website, but it was down.

  8. Bacon, fried egg…wait. The Main Squeeze grilled cheese has cheese, tomato, spinach and chipotle mayo (which actually has some kick). It’s very nice.

    Our default Chinese has long been Mandarin House (by Truman’s). Chinese Wok Express (though I like their Vietnamese menu best) and Jingo’s are very good as well.

  9. We had:

    Cheese and tapenade
    Hummus plate
    Moroccan Spiced Shrimp
    Grilled Romaine Hearts
    Pancetta Salad
    Pizza (can’t remember which one)

    None, with the possible exception of the grilled romaine, had much flavor.

  10. Re: Sophia’s. Ate there last night and it was not as good as I remembered.
    My main problem was with the Caprese Salad (something I would consider relatively easy not to screw up). A new addition, the menu not only mentioned that the ingredients where local grown, but emphasized the word “locally” by bolding and italicizing it. When it came out, the tomatoes were flavorless and had obviously been refrigerated (aka ruined). The basil didn’t have much flavor, and aside from a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and basil oil, the whole thing was completely unseasoned. Further, the fresh mozzarella just wasn’t that great.

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