Outstanding in the Field

Tickets for the food-porn event of the summer – at least in terms of Missouri – went on sale this morning. I got two of ’em, and only had to sell one of the kids to get them. Seriously, they’re not cheap. But it’s going to be so, so worth it. The details:

Outstanding in the Field
Powell Gardens in Kingsville, MO
Wednesday, July 29
Host Farmer: Eric Tschanz and Alan Branhagen, Powell Gardens
Guest Chef: Jonathan Justus, Justus Drugstore, Kansas City
Price: $180
Time: 4:00 pm

Get tickets here.

Dinner Description
Chef Jonathan Justus of Justus Drugstore makes sure to get the good stuff. As an excellent recent New York Times Magazine article states “25 local suppliers are listed on the back of the menu”. No we are not visiting all 25, but a number of Jonathan’s suppliers will surely have seats at the table. Outstanding in the field is always pleased to go further afield and find new and interesting places to set the table. Our Kansas City farm dinner site, Powell Gardens, contacted us recently excited about the possibility of hosting an Outstanding event. This summer Powell Gardens is debuting a brand new “Heartland Harvest Garden” whose 12 lush acres has been called the nations largest edible landscape. We will celebrate green growing things and Kansas City area farmers at our table set in the field.

Outstanding in the Field events feature a leisurely tour of the hosting farm followed by a five course, farm-style dinner at our long table set in a scenic spot. Dinner is accompanied by a wine paired with each course. Diners are joined at the table by the farmer, food producers, a winemaker and other local artisans associated with the meal.

For general questions about our dinners, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

The following hotels and B&Bs are within reasonable distance of the dinner site. Where noted, there is a special rate for Outstanding in the Field guests, but reservations may need to be made by a certain date.

Hotel Information
Mulberry Hill Bed &Breakfast‎
226 N Armstrong St
Pleasant Hill, MO 64080
(816) 540-3457

*Confirmations and Cancellations
Due to the nature of our events no refunds will be given for cancellations. If you cannot attend the dinner you may sell or give your ticket to another person for the same event. If you transfer your ticket to another person, please contact us with new guest information prior to the event.


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

7 thoughts

  1. Whether it be cooking an egg in a spoon in your kitchen fireplace or $180.00 farm dinner in the middle of a field-these things all contribute to the picture of slow food. To some these are a positive and to some a negative image. It is all relative!

  2. Ouch. Legit points. I will concede that. I’ll elaborate more later, but my basic response is that this dinner is a luxury, a treat I’ve been thinking about for some years. It will be a Father’s Day gift and we’ll have to ratchet back the spending for a while to make it justifiable.

    But it’s a treat for me; and I’m not selling this as the antidote to America’s ills, as Ms. Waters is.

    Still, it stings, which tells me it’s a fair point. I’ll concede that much. Credit to Martha and J.

  3. Martha and J are quite right that on the surface, spending a 1-2 weeks of an average family’s grocery money on a single meal sends a bit of a conflicted message.

    However, as both a producer and consumer of “food porn”, I do see a bit of a difference. This is a high-class event at which attendees will likely get their money’s worth, getting to meet the farmers, the chefs, and all involved in the production of the food. For those who don’t care about food at that level, it would be a waste. For those who do and can afford it, not really.

    I see it as equivalent to a sports fan plunking down extra for sideline seats and a package where they get to attend “exclusive” events with the coaches and players. It’s equivalent to front-row seats at a big-city production with backstage access. You couldn’t pay me to want either of those things, but I understand that they’re pretty valuable to some people and I don’t see it as inherently elitist that folks will pay a lot for things they value. How much do really good NASCAR tickets go for these days, and how is this any different?

  4. I absolutely agree with Eric and I bet the best part of the event will be the people you meet. It is a celebratory event and part of it is that you meet people who care about food the way you do.
    About Alice-I rewatched the 60 min piece and really in her position why wouldn’t she have a wood fired grill and oven in her kitchen?
    I thought it was an interesting technique to cook and egg and while I don’t have a kitchen wood fired oven I do have a wood stove in the living room or I might try it on a camping trip. She does address two needful things in the schools, to promote the slow food movement. The idea of planting a garden would increase access to this type of food and at least expose children to another possibility. She also is teaching them to prepare the food. I know children who have grown up and never eaten anything but fast food and nothing from the perimeter of the grocery store.
    No not everybody can be the person who eats the just picked peaches and the just laid egg nor can everybody attend the farm dinner. It takes a certain amount of time, effort and money to do either. It is a wonderful thing to have the choice.

    I’m just sayin’ ….when you go for excellence, the best, you are by definition in the elite and there are people who will see it as a good thing and those who will find fault.

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