4 Quick Notes:

Welcome back to me. Last week was wild – what with birthday parties, out of town guests and fundraisers – but ultimately successful on all counts.

Taqueria El Rodeo: Really went out of their way to make my 5 year-old’s birthday dinner special. We had fourteen guests (including four little ones) and commanded virtually the entire center of the restaurant – and were made to feel right at home. They even rolled out a tablecloth and brought out – unordered – churros for dessert. Love this place.

Murry’s, Sycamore and the best grocery-store ribs in town after the jump…

Sycamore: With visions of spring dancing before me I ordered the arugula salad – usually a hit – but this time with celery root. A little celery root goes a long way; this was a heap…and the arugula was pretty punchless too. Not my best lunch there, but hey, not even Sycamore can be perfect every time. I’ll be back soon.

Murry’s: Columbia’s power hangout never gets old for me. They rotate affordable pours of great beer (like Rogue Dead Guy Ale) and serve excellent, reliable food. The chicken poblano is one of the most addictive dishes in town.

Eastgate: The grocery store is a little long in the tooth, it’s true. But the meat manager oversees the production of some very good ribs (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Also, smoked chickens are available every afternoon and would make for a quick, delicious dinner. Call to confirm: (573) 449-1000.


Author: Scott

I am a married father of two. I graduated from Rock Bridge High School and then Mizzou before spending six years in the Washington, D.C. area. We returned to Columbia, Missouri in 2006.

5 thoughts

  1. welcome back!

    I really like Murray’s as well. When there I usually order beer. They usually have one or two good ones. (I also like the Rogue Old Dead Guy Ale and the O’Fallon IPA is pretty good too).

    Man could live by beer alone, but I choose not to. I am not always in the mood for a beer. But, Murray’s wine selection in sub-par and even worse are the glasses they serve it in. They do nothing to help the low class of wine. Further, their bourbon selection is worse than the wine. I am not asking for 3 – 4 premium brands, but one would be nice. If I am drinking bourbon and Coke, Jim Beam is fine. But on the rocks or straight … not so much.

    When hearing jazz, I like to drink wine or bourbon. Is that too much to ask? I think not.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Beckett! Only you would have a kid so cool as to have his birthday lunch at el Rodeo! I love it…

    As for Murry’s wine selection…I have to say I think it is entirely appropriate for the menu it is served with. Awesome valued food with great valued wine. Murry’s never tries to be something its not. As for the wine glasses…I watch too many people look like Steve Martin in “Roxanne” 😉

  3. The problem – at least for me – is the top of the glasses curve in so dramatically that you end up drooling/dribbling down the side of the glass if you’re not careful. It’s cheap-seeming to me.

    As you note Pam, Murry’s is comfortable in its identity. I’m sure that’s a key to its success.

  4. I have always suspected crack or some other nefarious addictive drug slipped into the food. How else to explain why I can be 2000 miles away and have an unquenchable craving for Lemon Pesto Chicken and Bleu Chips Cheese bread? 🙂

    My mother despises the wine glasses, while I have a low simmering annoyance with them. I would wager that that they hardly ever break…I’ll have to ask Gary about that…hmmmm

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